At Massy, we have committed to a renewed vision as we embark on our second century – “A Global Force for Good – an Investment Holding Company with a Caribbean Heart”. We have seen that our approach of love and care, tapping into that Caribbean Heart, touches lives, transforms communities and leads to greater prosperity for all. We have seen the impact that the Group has been privileged to create through our Foundations in Trinidad and Barbados, and also with our Nudge social enterprise, which now supports thriving small businesses across three markets.

Consistent with who we are and what we stand for, therefore, we will celebrate OUR100 by introducing bold new impact initiatives – our “Forces for Good” legacy projects. We’ll be supplying grants to eligible NGOs that impact the communities where we operate, but the difference is that all of the projects funded via this initiative will be personally submitted for consideration by employees. We’re putting the collective responsibility for empowering this vision into the hands of our Massy community, so that they can guide us to where we can best help amplify the great work that is already being done.

All selected NGOs will have to meet pre-determined criteria, in keeping with the guidelines of the Massy Foundations. They must have been in operation for more than one year, be registered as a non-profit in the jurisdiction in which they operate, and have audited accounts. Moving forward, we intend that Forces for Good will extend into a multi-year programme, but the first candidates will be chosen and the first grants issued within this centennial year.