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Vaughn Martin
Senior Vice President
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Our product and service offerings are vital to the economic and social development of the countries and communities in which we operate. This fact makes it even more critical to ensure that we remain a reliable and trustworthy partner.








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The Gas Products Portfolio is renowned for our commitment to service excellence and safety, adhering to the highest industry standards and best practices. We pride ourselves on our integrity, business ethics, technical competence, efficiency, and excellent service levels.

Our businesses are located in Barbados, Colombia, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago.

The team’s resilience has been nothing short of remarkable, particularly as the businesses navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, our business continues to make positive strides into key markets as a reputable industrial gases and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) supplier. Our product and service offerings – from medical oxygen and nitrogen that keeps everyone safe, to LPG for cooking and food grade carbon dioxide – are vital to the economic and social development of the countries and communities in which we operate. This fact makes it even more critical to ensure that we remain a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Our strategic focus lies in increasing our footprint through the augmentation of our existing holdings as well as expansion into new territories through judicious acquisitions. We also continue to pursue enhancements to our operational efficiency, deploying new technology and refining our processes in order to bolster our relationships with all our stakeholders. Each territory takes a localised approach to treating with individual cultures and environments in order to create optimal outcomes and address the unique needs of its customers.

Nurturing an Engaged Workforce

We are committed to nurturing an engaged workforce where all employees are motivated to contribute to organisational success and feel equally involved and supported in all areas of the workplace. In 2022 we have continued to invest significantly in training to aid in employees’ overall growth and development and to enhance their competencies.

Engaging Community Initiatives

In addition to our support of the Massy Foundation, we actively engage with the communities where we operate. In 2022 we have supported initiatives aimed at children and young people, vulnerable and displaced persons, as well as training and development opportunities.

As a responsible organisation participating in extractive industries, we recognise that the environment and its preservation are of paramount importance to global sustainable development goals. All our operations are engaged in initiatives aimed at minimising waste and contributing positively to environmental stewardship.

Convenience & Innovation

Ease of doing business and customer convenience is at the heart of what we do and will remain an integral part of the business process. Innovation is also key to ensuring that as customers’ needs change, we are one step ahead and can meet or exceed those demands. Digital transformation has changed the way we do business, and further business automation and improving our IT systems – both at the administrative and plant level are key to business continuity.

Looking ahead, we are focused on ways to simplify and improve our service delivery, always centering our customers and their needs. This agile way of thinking and working is key to energising our business strategy, affording us further opportunities to innovate and truly add value to our customer base.  


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